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Working together we help landowners capture the true value of their property and deliver +500 homes





"Since the onset of negotiations with Aventier, this Company has kept their promises and commitments of myself and our lawyers in every promised detail, my wife and myself have every confidence in a satisfactory conclusion to our negotiations."


"Aventier were professional, courteous and considerate throughout the process. (…) They did not apply any pressure, simply reassuring us that the offer would stay on the table (…) Everything was up front and transparent. (…) . I felt Aventier genuinely wanted what was best for us and for them to coincide and worked to make that happen.  We received a number of unsolicited offers from other developers over the years but none of them offered such a good price or such good terms and conditions. This was not the case with Aventier. I would therefore not hesitate to recommend them."




"When we initially received your offer letter we were admittedly somewhat suspicious. (…) Before going any further I was able to speak to someone who had gone through the whole process, and they just said you had done what you said you were going to, when you said. They had been impressed at the open and straightforward approach you had taken which gave them confidence. Our experience has been the same."



 "You always kept me updated with progress on the work with the council together with copies of planning applications from your development wing. The process, although somewhat lengthy, was simple and clear. I would have no problem in recommending your company to other who find themselves in the same situation."


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your support throughout the option agreement journey that we have just completed (…). I was impressed by your professionalism the day you approached me regarding selling my home.  You exceeded my expectations on the service levels you provided me with from start to finish. You have been approachable and knowledgeable whenever I had concerns or questions and always got back to me in a timely manner. Your guidance on the exchange and simultaneous completion was invaluable.  It is not often that one puts their full trust in anyone without reservations, however, I did in you and I am pleased that I did so."

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