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Does your property have development potential?

We can enhance the value of your property. 

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Land Acquisition

We have a track record for securing planning consent for + 500 Homes

Our in-house team of professionals have a great track record for securing planning permission and building great homes.

We develop and utilise technology to identify underdeveloped land

to help people downsize and stay local.

We carefully select locations that suit our design criteria,

to ensure that our projects complement and respect the character of the area.

By having a dedicated team of experienced professionals we manage the whole process which includes managing local resident concerns in relation to our proposed developments.



We identify land with development potential using our technology platform

We appraise the planning risk for the property and assess the development value

We carefully select the right properties and submit offers in excess of their existing value

We agree terms with our Land Partners

Our team manages the planning process and we take care of all costs

Once planning is obtained we purchase the properties for the agreed and enhanced purchase price

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